How to choose the best pad lock?

So you need a high security pad lock for your business or home but don’t know how to go about finding the best one for you. There are so many different makes and brands of pad locks available and this can make it very confusing to choose from. Read more

History of locksmiths

Have you ever wondered how locksmiths got started? The art of being a locksmith is believed to have started 1000s of years ago in the time of the Egyptians and Babylonians. Today it is quite hard to believe that the locks of ancient times were small and portable. We now know that the locks those day were not nearly as sophisticated as the one we have today. Read more

Master Keys

What are master keys?

The super of our apartment building is always going into everyone’s apartment when something needs to be fixed. There must be a hundred apartments, but he only carries one key around with him. How does he get into all those apartments with the same key? Read more