What should you know before buying a safe?

Here at Shanken Security Solutions, we really focus on keeping your entire home safe. This includes those important family keepsakes, fine jewelry, and security documents. Although the perimeter of your home is secure with door and window locks, this does not necessarily mean that these small valuables are safe left out in the open. If you truly cherish these items, it is vital that you purchase a safe for you home. There are so many different sizes and kinds on offer, and we have put together these tips on what you need to know before buying: Read more

How to secure your home for the school holiday

The school holidays are fast approaching and therefor it is important to secure your home before you leave on holiday. Through just a small amount of investment, you can make your home much more secure than it had previously been. Shanken Security Solutions have gathered a small list of recommendations which can help you to complete this task which pays dividends throughout the rest of the year. Read more