5 Reasons your car key might not be working

Do you ever have trouble unlocking your car door? Whether you have a key or keyless entry vehicle, there are several things that can be the cause of the lockout or the vehicle not starting.

Before calling a Shanken Locksmith near you, we encourage you to assess the situation to help save yourself time. The unusable key may be due to one of the following:


1. The batteries in the key fob are dying

Can’t figure out why your door won’t open? The first thing we often recommend is to check the battery! Many people don’t think to change the battery in their key fob before calling a nearby locksmith, resulting in wasted time and money.


2. Your key is damaged

Over time, keys often become worn as they’re generally brought everywhere with us. They’re often thrown in pockets, purses, and dropped on the ground several times a day. Unfortunately, this can chip, bend and even break, resulting in a useless key.


3. There’s internal damage to a key fob or keyless entry remote

Connectors inside the key fob can become damaged over time, resulting in a non-working key. This may lead to the vehicle not starting or not being able to get inside the vehicle when locked.


4. The key hasn’t been programmed

Similar to the internal key fob damage, the vehicle won’t unlock or start if it hasn’t been programmed to your vehicle. At Shanken Locksmith, we can cut and program car keys for all types of vehicles. To see if


5. Poor quality car key duplication

Unfortunately, there are many locksmith services out that that offer poor quality car key duplication, which leads to wasted time and money. We encourage you to do your research before calling out just any Locksmith.

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