How to pick a lock

How to pick a lock

Have you ever lost your keys to your Yale lock or any of your pad locks? Before you start kicking in your front door or call a local locksmith please consider picking the lock your self. Unless you have electronic locks most of the locks in and around your are simple pin and tumbler locks. These locks are relatively easy to open using a pick and wrench. It is very possible to make your own pick and wrench with common household items like hair pins.  As easy as it is to pick a lock it still does require a great deal of patience and practice.

Why should you learn to pick locks?

The reality is we all now and then find ourselves in the situation where we lock our selves out of our homes. Mots of us will agree that we have lost our keys at some point or another. Knowing how to pick a lock when you are in a emergency like that can be very handy and also safe you allot of money by calling a local locksmith. Learning how to pick locks also opens our eyes showing us that locks only provide the illusion of security. The locks on our doors make us feel safe, but if a burglar really wanted to get into your house they could do so very easily. The sad truth is that you can not just rely on locks alone to keep your family safe. Knowing how to pick a lock doesn’t just make you very handy, it could also help you to save a life one day. Wouldn’t it be better to pick the lock instead of breaking or kicking down your front door?

Is it legal to own a lock picking set?

There is a common misconception that only registered and qualified locksmiths are allowed to carry or own a lock picking set. The reality is any one can buy a lock picking set on Bid or Buy and other online shops. As long as you are not intentionally trying to gain access to some one else s premises there is nothing illegal about carrying or owning a lock picking set.  In this article we are going to teach you how to pick a simple pin and tumbler lock.

So how does a pin and tumbler lock work?

In short the basic pin and tumbler lock consists of a cylinder that can rotate within its housing. The cylinder is kept in place by several pairs of pins when it is locked. Each pair of pins protrude into both the cylinder and the housing which prevent the cylinder from turning. When you insert the correct key the pins lift in such a way that they no longer enter the cylinder. pin and tumbler lock When this happens you are able to turn the key and open the lock. This is by far the most common design used in most cylinder locks and has been around since 1861.

What tools do you need to pick a pin and tumbler lock?

A basic lock picking set consists of a wrench tension bar together with several rakes. The wrench is used to apply gentle pressure to the lock while the rakes are used to move the pins up and down. Lock picking tools Some rakes are used to move several pins up and down while others are designed to move one pin at at a time. You can buy a decent lock picking set from several online shop including Bid or Buy and Amazon.

The basic lock picking technique

To be frank and honest, lock picking is more of an art than a science. By practicing allot you will eventually develop a feel for picking a lock. Every lock is different but there are some basic principles which you need to follow.

1. Insert your tension bar into the bottom of the keyhole

The key to successfully picking a lock is the tension bar. The tension bar is used to gently apply pressure to the plug inside the cylinder while the picks are used to bump the pins up and down. 2n6ewxi If you apply just the right amount of pressure the plug will rotate slightly as soon as the pins are lifted to the correct height. Be very careful not to apply too much pressure.

2. Insert your pick at the top of the lock

This is the part where you have to choose your pick. You might have to try a couple of picks before you find one that gets the job done. lock_picking Once you have chosen your pick you have to slide it to the back of the lock.

3. Scrub your pick back and forth in the keyhole

Apply slight pressure to your tension wrench in the direction that the lock opens while raking back and forth with your pick of choice. As you pull the pick back you should simultaneously lift it up to apply pressure to the pins. You will most probably have to repeat this procedure a couple of times before you get it right. Most tumbler locks can be picked by using this method but there are some locks where you need to pick each pin set one at a time. [yuzo_related]

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