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How to choose the right safe for your Home

We all know how high the crime rate has become in South Africa and therefore it has become more important to own a good safe. Whether you are planning on to store documents, jewelry or large amounts of cash, it is important to choose the right safe for your home. Storing your valuable at home can make allot more sense because it makes it easier for you to access them. When you store your valuables at the bank your limited to the banks operating hours to get access to your goods. Home safes can come in a wide variety of sizes and with many unique features, but despite of this choosing the right safe can be very easy. We have put together 6 easy steps that you can follow that can help you choose the right safe.

1. Know the safes fire rating

A safes fire rating is the time that the safe can withstand direct flames without its contents being consumed. Normally this is measures in hours and we recommend choosing a safe that has at least a one hour fire rating.

2. Know the safes cash rating

Knowing this will tell you how resistant the safe is to being burglarized . This rating is calculated based on the thickness of the safes walls and doors as well as how complex its locking mechanism is. It is also based on how difficult it is to remove the safe from its location. The larger the amount of cash that is going to be stored in the safe, the higher its cash rating will be. Before you choose the right safe you need to decide how much cash you are going to store in it.

3. Determine the volume needed

Before you buy a safe you also need to consider the volume that the items you plan on storing will take. This will help to give you an idea of the size of the safe you are going to need. Just keep in mind that smaller safes are allot easier to conceal and more versatile.

4. Should it be permanent or portable?

One of the most important things to consider is to decide whether your safe is going to be portable or permanently installed to the wall or floor. If you choose a permanent safe then you need to choose the size and make and model accordingly. If you are opting for a portable safe then you need to make sure that each member in the household are able to carry it.

5. Choose a keyed lock safe

Some people will tell you that a combination safe is better but we recommend you choose a safe with a keyed locking mechanism. The reason for this is because a combination safe as well as electronic safes are easier to open by burglars. A safe with a keyed lock it typically allot more secure and is also covered by most insurance companies.

6. Consider your budget

It is important that you choose a safe according to what you can afford and which will suit your needs. It is better to get a small safe with a higher grade because it is there to protect your valuables. To conclude everything, choosing the right safe should be just a part of your overall security plan for your home. You should make sure that all the family members know where the safe is located. If you are planning on getting a gun safe should have two separate safes for you and your spouse. Further you and your spouse should also have separate keys for there own gun safes and neither you or your spouse should have access to the others keys. [yuzo_related]

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