Benefits of electric fencing

Benefits of Electric Fencing

Electric fence wire carries the current or electricity in an electric fence. A source of electricity (battery or main electric supply) sends power to an energizer or fence charger, which in turn delivers pulsing signals of electricity through the electric fence wire. When any conducting object or an animal touches the fence, it completes the electric circuit by connecting to ground. As a result, a short electric shock passes through the object or animal in question. Electric fence wire has several benefits over barbed wire.

1. Easier Installation

Electric fences are much easier to install as compared to traditional fencing methods and barbed wire fences. The components are lightweight and easy to carry. Also, minimal planning is required, making the installation much faster. With barbed wire fencing, a lot more time is required to dig holes for the support poles and to transport the heavy components.

2. Lower Cost

The use of electric fence wire makes the process of fencing much more affordable. This is because, as compared to barbed wire fencing, fewer wires and support posts are required in an electric fence. This greatly reduces the cost of the whole project.

3. Higher Versatility

Electric fence wire can be used in a variety of situations and scenarios. Individual adjustments can be made according to requirements, making electric fence wire usable in every environment and soil condition. You can also use electric fence wire over existing fences and walls, to enhance safety and effectiveness. However, the combination of electricity and barbed wire is not recommended, because it can cause grievous harm to livestock and people.

4. Better Safety

Barbed wire is dangerous because it can cause severe harm to any animal that tries to trespass. There is also the risk of entanglement because of the barbs, which can lead to fatal injuries.

5. More Effective

When an animal touches electric fence wire, it receives a short but memorable shock. This trains the animal to stay away from the fence. You can adjust the current flowing through the electric fence wire, depending on the animal that is being fenced. As a result, electric fence wire is effective in restraining bulls, horses and other such powerful animals. In contrast, barbed wire is not as psychologically effective in training the animals and it can also cause severe injury.

6. Easy Maintenance

Electric fence wire requires minimal maintenance and care after installation. You must ensure that the battery and fence charger are kept clean and dry at all times.

7. Portability

Electric fence wire is light and easy to carry. This also makes any required modification or alterations very easy. Compared to traditional fencing methods, electric fence wire offers the most ease of transportation.

8. More Durable and Longer Lasting

Electric fence wire is more protected from high impact damage from cattle and livestock. This makes the fence much more durable and long lasting. Electric fence wire offers excellent cost effectiveness, affordability and ease of use. You can also save money on security expenses.

9. Limits

Electric fence wire also has some limitations such as possible damage during storms, thunder and lightning. There is also the risk of dangerous shocks at such times. Thick plants and surrounding vegetation growth also complicates the use of electric fence wire.


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