How to pick a lock

How to pick a lock

Have you ever lost your keys to your Yale lock or any of your pad locks? Before you start kicking in your front door or call a local locksmith please consider picking the lock your self. Unless you have electronic locks most of the locks in and around your are simple pin and tumbler locks. These locks are relatively easy to open using a pick and wrench. It is very possible to make your own pick and wrench with common household items like hair pins.  As easy as it is to pick a lock it still does require a great deal of patience and practice. Read more

Choose the right safe

How to choose the right safe for your Home

We all know how high the crime rate has become in South Africa and therefore it has become more important to own a good safe. Whether you are planning on to store documents, jewelry or large amounts of cash, it is important to choose the right safe for your home. Storing your valuable at home can make allot more sense because it makes it easier for you to access them. When you store your valuables at the bank your limited to the banks operating hours to get access to your goods. Read more

What should you know before buying a safe?

Here at Shanken Security Solutions, we really focus on keeping your entire home safe. This includes those important family keepsakes, fine jewelry, and security documents. Although the perimeter of your home is secure with door and window locks, this does not necessarily mean that these small valuables are safe left out in the open. If you truly cherish these items, it is vital that you purchase a safe for you home. There are so many different sizes and kinds on offer, and we have put together these tips on what you need to know before buying: Read more

How to secure your home for the school holiday

The school holidays are fast approaching and therefor it is important to secure your home before you leave on holiday. Through just a small amount of investment, you can make your home much more secure than it had previously been. Shanken Security Solutions have gathered a small list of recommendations which can help you to complete this task which pays dividends throughout the rest of the year. Read more

How to prevent burglaries

4 Things burglars do not want you to know

 Crime is a prominent issue in South Africa. South Africa has a very high rate of murders, assaults, rapes (adult, child, elderly and infant), and other crimes compared to most countries. Most emigrants from South Africa state that crime was a big factor in their decision to leave. The South African Police Service is responsible for managing 1115 police stations across South Africa.

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